Did you know that wellness programs can help you save money by reducing health care costs, increasing productivity and improving employee morale?

Companies that partner with SiteMed have seen up to a two dollar direct cost savings for every dollar invested in wellness. From simple Heath Fairs to
on-site wellness physicals with health coaching and counseling, SiteMed delivers wellness programs suited to your specific needs. Let us help you design a program that will turn your investment in employee wellness into savings for your company.

  • Health Fairs
  • Wellness Exams
  • Health Coaching
  • Medical Counseling

      Immunization Clinics

        The simplest proven way for a company to save money is to reduce absenteeism
        due to illness. Studies show companies that provide flu vaccines for their employees
        save money. This is why any of the nation’s largest employers go to such great lengths
        to vaccinate their employees every year. SiteMed can easily and efficiently provide your
        on-site immunization needs. We offer a full range of vaccines required by international
        travelers, rescue personnel and first aid teams.  
        Call SiteMed today to discuss your immunization needs.

  • Flu Vaccines
  • Tetanus Vaccines
  • Hepatitis A and B Vaccines
  • Yellow Fever Vaccines
  • MMR Vaccines

Contact us for a complete detailed description of our services, or ask us how we can customize a program for your company’s particular needs.